We fixed 45+ memory leaks and optimized our SDK & Apps

Garrett Kinsman

CTO, Nodle

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Understanding the pain-points during the dev cycle

We understood that the most important and easier way to fix the performance issues is from the time you compile the code till you get a go from the QA team. We optimised the parameters that could bother user retention

All in one

Add the SDK for the top most important parameters that developers requested from the community

Near real time
Near Real-Time

We want to keep it as close to real-time to help you fix the performance issues on the go!

Powerful SDK

Perfacchi SDK lets you monitor all performance parameters of the app in test. Scanning all your performance data near real-time to provide feedback.

Easy to Integrate

Simple Jitpack pull would easily integrate basic performance parameters such as Memory, CPU, Network, Memory leaks and would let you track based on devices.

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports with screenshots, logs, traces for you to compare and co-relate with Simple pane-view.

Really Powerfull Features

We pinned the right set of monitoring features for your Dev & Beta Testing to bring in a fresh prespective to your Performance Monitoring.
Screen transition
Screen transition metrics

Tag your screens to understand the time taken to complete the loading of screens.

memory leak
Memory leaks

Detailed memory leaks with timeline lets you understand the areas to quickly fix.

Near real-time monitoring

Monitoring are tailored into session. We keep you close to real-time to bring the issues to be quickly actionable

onscreen performance
On-screen notification

We keep you updated about the issues on-screen during the testing. Brining awareness is also our motto.

Testing SDK
Testing SDKs

Get detailed feedback on the SDKs and Libraries that are deteriorating your app performance.

Co-relate metrics

Timeline and metrics below each other for better understanding and co-relation of the metrics.

Contextual Screenshots / Logs

Get understanding of where and how of the spikes for debugging with a lot more context.

battery analysis
Battery analysis
(Coming soon)

Battery consumption with the state of device in test. This is the most requested feature & we are working on it.

Integrations and Support

React Native
(Coming soon)
In-App feedback
(Coming soon)
perf dashboard

Simple & Easy

Email like pane view which is natural to understand and Interact

Simple navigation for sessions, Filter and sort for you to get to the closest of the issues. We have interacted with developers to optimise the view of the dashboard & data.

Interactive Graphs

Legible and Readable Format

More Insights (Coming soon)

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  • 15 days access to all parameters
  • Free On-screen performance
  • 1 API key
  • 1 App
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  • On-screen performance
  • Crash reporting
  • Logs and debugging
  • Memory / CPU / Network usage
  • 2 API keys
  • 2 Apps
  • 120 days data retention
  • Email alerts
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  • On-screen performance
  • Logs and debugging
  • Memory / CPU / Network usage
  • 4 API keys
  • 5 Apps
  • Memory leaks
  • API logs
  • Method tracing
  • Frames
  • Slack alerts
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